Animals in Vietnam

Not complete, not nice, just what comes in front of my lense, to share, so that you see what we have here around.

Vành khuyên Nhật Bản
Zosterops japonicus
Japanese White-Eye
Japan-Brillenvogel (Japanischer Brillenvogel)

or ???
Vành khuyên họng vàng
Zosterops palpebrosus
Oriental White-eye

In front of my window in Hanoi:
(Chim) Sẻ, Chim thẻ
Passer montanus
Tree Sparrow
Feldsperling (Feldspatz)
In front of my window in Hanoi:
Cá quả (similar: Cá chuối)(wrong: Cá lóc)
Canna argus (similar: Canna maculata?)
Northern (or Eastern) Snakehead [Fish]
Amur Schlangenkopffisch
In market in Hanoi:
Cá trê phi
Clarias gariepinus (or also C. lazera)
African Sharptooth Catfish
Afrikanischer (Raub)wels

There are three different Cá trê in Vietnam:
Cá trê trắng, Cá trê vàng, Cá trê phi
Họ Cá trê
Clarias ...
Family: Airbreathing Catfish
Famile: Kiemensackwels

In market in Hanoi: