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My "Letter to the Editor",

as sent on 18.03.03 to several newspapers:


Dear Editor,

if Iraq does not comply with the UN demands, as stipulated by the Security Council, then it will be breaking international law and rightfully will face the consequences. There is no doubt about that, and it should be like that.

However, if the government of any nation, especially despite the UN's explicit disapproval, starts a war on another country, then it too is breaking international law and becomes an "international law criminal".

In the light of what is going on in the last days, I can only urge all companies, which have some self-respect and don't run for every dirty money, to refuse to do any business with criminals, i.e. not to deal anything with offices, like embassies of such governments, in case they really start a war.

I propose, that concerned companies immediately issue public statements in this regard, e.g. an open letter to the concerned embassies, announcing, that they will cease immediately all business with them, in case a war breaks out, so that peace-loving people know about that and can do business with those companies, to make up for potential losses.

They could furthermore request from other business partners of said countries (companies, business groups, etc.) to make public statements that they don't support any not UN approved war, or face the same consequences of broken business relations.

Coming from a country, where some decades ago a criminal government was supported by ruthless corporations which put their own profits before any ethics or concerns about humanitarian law, I am convinced, that business entities have the moral duty to stand up, and not just to continue "business as usual".

Stefan Probst,


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