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Welcome to the Cemetry!

Now, that the equality of nations has been murdered by the new dictator,
allow me to work on my grieve by putting up this website ...


The New World Dictator Bush

Dictator Bush claims to "defend the world from grave danger".
A persumed danger which most of his "fellow citizens" base on absolutely unfounded theories.
And a danger, which most other, previously sovereign nations don't feel for themselves.
Even Iran, Iraq's former war enemy, and victim of Iraq's previous chemical weapons,
considers the US attack "unjustifiable and illegitimate"
Russia's Putin says, that
Iraq "has presented no danger, neither to its neighbors, nor to countries in the region or throughout the world,
especially as, after a decade of blockade, it has become a weakened state in both military and economic terms."
But as a dictator, Bush knows it of course better and takes the right to speak for his new subordinates.
Dictator Bush claims justification to free the people of Iraq
Even Iraq's main Shiite opposition faction, based in Iran, calls it an "aggressive war"
And since when have dictators asked the citizens, when they brought their "Pax Romana"?
Dictator Bush Commands the UN
In order not to be in the way for the invading troops, UN organizations (arms inspectors, peace keepers, oil-for-food administrators),
which were working there due to UN resolutions, had to leave the country.
Dictator Bush Conquers Iraq
Of course, as they occupy their new territory, they rise the new colonial power's flag.
Dictator Bush requests other nations to sever their diplomatic ties with Iraq.
Of course, as the new world ruler, he can decide about the relations of previously independent nations.
Defiance comes from France and many other countries, including some of Washington's "coalition of the willing" (even Japan),
because (the Indonesian Vice President:) "The U.S. can't dictate to other countries",
(the Foreign Ministry's press secretary:) "The Japanese government has its own judgment",
and (the French Foreign Minister:) "Such a decision concerns our sovereignty."
Dictator Bush bribes other governments to help him look less isolated.
He pays high rewards if governments agree to be included in his list "of the willing", even if they don't do much in fact.
Dictator Bush claims it would be his moral duty to lead this war.
As a true dictator, he of course does not need to care about the Pope, the Dalai Lama,
and e.g. the US Conference of Catholic Bishops who all strongly oppose this war.
Dictator Bush claims a world majority behind him.
Yes, a majority of money: The governments of his "coalition" represent a combined GDP
of approximately $21.7 trillion of the world total of about $40 trillion, i.e. more than the half.
But the governments who openly oppose this war, represent the vast majority of the world population.
Only 5 of the 20 most populous countries are stated in his "list":
the USA (290), Japan (127), Philippines (85), Turkey (68), Ethiopia (66).
The list is claimed to total 1.18 billion people, i.e. one sixth of the world population.
The governments of 15 countries of the 20 most populous countries however are openly against this war:
China (1,287),
India (1,050), Indonesia (235), Brazil (235), Pakistan (150), Russia (235), Bangladesh (138), Nigeria (134), Mexico (105), Germany (82), Vietnam (82), Egypt (75), Iran (68), Thailand (64)(cautiously against), France (60)
openly oppose the war. (population numbers in millions, as of 2003, according to US official statistics)
Amongst the 20 most populous countries, the governments representing 86% of the combined population are openly against that war,
while only those representing 14% support it.
But we all know, that for Bush money is much more important than people.
Dictator Bush lies to the World.
Like every dictator, he is proud of how much backing he has ("45 countries"),
claiming that this would be even more than during the 1991 Gulf War.
But like with most dictators, this claim has little to do with reality.
Dictator Bush lies to the UN.
In his speech announcing the war, he said that he wanted to oust Iraq's Government.
The first military strike was aimed at murdering Iraq's President.
In his letter to the UN Security Council, he does not mention this ... because it would be illegal under UN conventions.
Dictator Bush forces people in many other countries to pay taxes for his own purpose.
While the destruction is done on his orders, people from many nations will have to pay for it.
Pay in form of taxes for humanitarian aid in Iraq, and pay as non-received development aid, since money will be re-directed towards Iraq.
Dictator Bush does not care about the people of Iraq.
In his prayer for those who loose their life in his war, he mentions "coalition force, American, Brit", but not a single world about Iraqies.
Dictator Bush does not care about the law.
The UN Charter gives only the Security Council the right to permit an offensive war.
An immediate threat to the US, UK, and Australia, which could justify a defensive war, could not be proven.
The UN General Secretary warned Bush, that a war without Security Council approval would be a violation of the UN Charter.
As a dictator, Bush of course is not bound to the UN Charter and other International Laws.
Dictator Bush does not care about democracy.
Not even being elected by the majority of his own people, he takes the right
to colaborate with other, not elected, dicators (as in Pakistan), or not to accept the elected leaders of another country.
Even Iran, says that it "does not defend the dictatorial (Iraqi) Ba'ath regime",
but that "it only defends the Iraqi nation and believes the future of Iraq must be decided only by the Iraqi nation"


The Victims:

The Credibility of the UN,
The Principle of Sovereign Nations,
The Will of the Majority of People on this Planet,
Increasing Numbers of Civilians in Iraq, as counted on top of this page.
(Eulogy to follow)


The New Resistance:

The Vatican keeps its Embassy in Iraq open, in protest, while nearly all other's have been closed.
Germany, for the first time after World War II, takes a clear and strong position against US politics.
European countries move closer together, especially in terms of military and foreign policy.
Russia intends to ask the UN about the legality of the war.
A Pakistani Senator asks the UN to expell the US.
Bush is getting accused even in Washington of becoming the Dictator of the World.



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